Suzanne Katanic, MA Psychotherapy
Suzanne Katanic, MA Psychotherapy
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #114025



Supporting heart-based healing and growth

I provide an integral approach to healing that applies ancient wisdom and traditions to modern times. I am a transpersonal therapist who specializes in working with individuals, couples and families to treat depression, anxiety, trauma, social coherence and cognition, spiritual emergence and emergency, psychotic episodes. The focus of each session is on Individuation and a personal move towards wholeness by recovering parts of the self that were lost or put away along the way in order for the child being to survive. Through our work, you will reclaim these parts of yourself and expand your resources both internally and externally.

In couple work we work to expand compassionate communication, understanding and rupture/repair skills. Boundary skills and understanding of how to make contact with our partners and to receive contact and intimacy from our partners. We explore what, in our childhood, had us form our ways of relating and making contact and withdrawal.

Each session is infused with wisdom, humor, and grace, creating a safe space for you to heal and grow at the your own pace. 

Modalities I work with:

  • Mindfulness, Guided Imagery, Active Imagination

  • Psychoanalytic approach

  • Dreamwork and symbolism in dreams and waking life

  • Guided journey work and integration

  • Energy Medicine, Chakra healing

  • Earth (re) connection practices

  • Regression and inner child work

  • Power retrieval and Soul part work to heal complex and simple trauma

  • Couples tools on communication and resourcing in relationship

Highlights of my training:

  • MA Integral Counseling Psychology, CIIS 2019

  • Depth Hypnosis Practitioner/Hypnotherapy, Sacred Stream 2013

  • Buddhist Psychology Studies and personal practice, since 2004

  • Level I Couple Therapy Certificate, Gottman Institute 2017

Suzanne E. Katanic
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #114025 at The Center for Mindful Psychotherapy. Supervised by Emily Marinelli, LMFT #91169